Velvet Determination

By Pittsburgh Fringe 2019 (other events)

4 Dates Through Apr 07, 2019

Cynthia enjoyed her childhood of piano lessons and music-making. But as time went on she developed bigger dreams: moving to New York to attend the esteemed Manhattan School of Music. However, this goal was a bit more difficult than she expected. As she struggles with her self-sabotaging demons, shaky memorization and insufficient technique, she masters a falling piano, a sweltering practice room, a music-hating neighbor, a condescending teacher and other obstacles that confront a young Colorado classical pianist who has decided to tackle the Big Apple!

In this charming, music-filled 60 minute solo show, Cynthia creates over ten characters including her piano teachers: her kindly childhood teacher, her University of Denver teacher who opens up her eyes to the world of New York and her formidable first NY piano teacher. Throughout the show she'll play the piano music of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy and Schubert.

The show is touching, funny, honest and very musical.

And then there's that mysterious New Yorker Magazine.......

 Winner “Best Festival Debut” in 2018 United Solo Festival in New York City at Theatre Row. 

Cynthia enjoyed her childhood piano lessons.  But attending music school in NY was her dream.  Along the way she struggles with technique & memorization, a falling piano, a music-hating neighbor, a lofty piano teacher, a sweltering practice room. But joy and humor prevail. Live classical piano. 

*PLEASE NOTE* : This event is a split venue show, meaning it takes place at BOTH the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination AND Bantha Tea Bar next door; please pay attention to your selected ticket time to see which venue you should head to.


No refunds. 

No late seating.

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